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Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions

Specialist Saddle Designers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Owners of:

The Original Native Pony Saddle Company Brand
The ReactorPanel® Saddle Company Brand
Comfort Saddles Brand
The Pony Saddle Company Branded Saddles
Comfort Endurance

An International Company based in Somerset, England, we fit a large number of International Level Riders and National Team Members with saddles designed by, and exclusively available from us. We also have our own growing network of locally based Saddle Fitting Specialists and Retail partners, who after a long apprenticeship with us are highly trained by us in all aspects of saddle fitting specializing in the more challenging Native types, high withered horses and remedial horses and ponies.

Our products are at present also available from retail outlets on the Isle of Man, France, Norway and Finland, we also have contacts in Denmark, Holland, The Czech Republic and Portugal, please see our Contact page for the details of any of our Accredited Fitters or Authorised Retailers.

We offer Saddle fitting to most parts of the World on request either for personal one to one fittings or Clinics and Demonstrations and are always looking for International Trade Customers.

We offer a range of specialist saddles for every requirement and stock an extensive selection of accessories including our new "Comfort Endurance, Elite and Classic Range" Endurance equipment. Manufactured exclusively for us, designed with input of experienced manufacturers and from riders at all levels including the British Endurance Team and first used by them at the European Championships 2011 in Florac, Coming soon. Stirrup irons with our special trademarked, Sorbothane treads and Riding Tights. We also stock our own brand of Traditional and Innovative leather Bridles, girths and stirrup leathers, designed with input from our customers such as Mathew Lawrence, Lucinda McAlpine and Maj-Britt Carter and the best quality products from selected companies including Uvex Helmets, Back On Track smart clothing, Hit Air airbag vests, Neue Schule Bits, Mattes Equestrian and Griffin Nuumed who make an exclusively range of Numnahs and saddle pads designed in conjunction with us.

The combined experience of our years of saddle fitting together with our customers and our team of manufacturers we have designed saddles and equipment which fit in a unique way. The saddles are made with the best of English leather on traditional wooden trees, all the ingredients of our saddles are sourced from within a mile radius of the workshops in Walsall. Together with our team of Accredited Saddle Fitters we are able to offer a professional service with a personal touch with the highest quality, well designed products.

Trial Period: We understand that every horse and rider needs are different, and that it is really important that you feel you have made the correct choice of saddle also the time it takes for a saddle fit is not always sufficient to truly experience the saddle and ensure you have purchased the right one for you, therefore we offer a trial period with all the saddles we sell.

If you purchase one of our 'Comfort Saddles', 'The Pony Saddle Company' Saddles or 'The Native Pony Saddle Company' saddles we offer you seven days to assess the saddle*, during this time you can either return the saddle to us or change it for another of our saddles.

If you purchase a 'ReactorPanel® Saddle' we offer you a four week trial* so that you can assess your new saddle and you and your horse can truly experience the benefits of ReactorPanel®, if at anytime within the trial period you wish to either return or change your saddle, you can.

These trials apply to both new and second hand saddles.

Proud to be corporate members of

Saddle Research Trust

* Conditions apply.

All leather products are manufactured in England, United Kingdom, from English leather by Master Saddle Makers.