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Saddle Fitting in The Borders, Northumberland and North Yorkshire

Dean & Gini will be Saddle Fitting In The Borders, Northumberland and North Yorkshire on the 28th and 29th of November I’m sorry we are fully booked at present but will be back next month. However please contact us directly to enquire or to book as

Saddle Fitting in The Borders and Northumberland

Dean and Gini will be Saddle Fitting in The Borders and Northumberland on Wednesday the 28th of September I’m sorry we are Fully Booked for 1 to 1 fitting at present but there may be  opportunities at our co-ordinator near

Saddle Fitting in Lothian and Perthshire

Dean and Gini will be saddle fitting in Lothian and Perthshire on the 24th of August . Fully Booked at present for one to one visits but we will be back in the area next month and Buffy lacey also visits regularily .

The importance of Saddle Maintenance

The Importance of Saddle Maintenance. Its been a busy old weekend with some very confusing weather, what does the weather think its doing nowadays?? We started off in Shropshire and Herefordshire, checking saddles for some Endurance riders getting ready for