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Saddle Fitting in Warwickshire and Wales

Dean and Gini are saddle fitting in Warwickshire and Wales on the 8th and 9th do September . Fully booked at present contact the office on 01278 425444 with enquirers or bookings for the next trip . Callout is £95

Saddle Fitting in Wales, Warwickshire and Shropshire

Dean and Gini will be saddle fitting in Wales ,Warwickshire and Shropshire on the 13thto the 16th of May. fully booked at present . Please contact us directly to enquire or to book as there may be an opportunity to join in

Saddle fitting in South Wales

Dean and Gini will be saddle fitting in  South Wales on the 9th of August. Callout £95  fully booked at present but we will be back next  month for The Red Dragon Endurance Ride, Builth Wells.

Saddle Fitting in North, South, Mid Wales & Herefordshire

Dean and Gini will be available for Saddle Fitting in North and Mid Wales on the 11th. South & Herefordshire on the 12th of April. The trip is fully booked at present for one to one visits but there may