The importance of Saddle Maintenance

Great View of The Angel of The North on a lovely morning

Great View of The Angel of The North on a lovely morning

The Importance of Saddle Maintenance.

Its been a busy old weekend with some very confusing weather, what does the weather think its doing nowadays??

We started off in Shropshire and Herefordshire, checking saddles for some Endurance riders getting ready for the season. It’s prudent to check your saddle this time of year before you start getting ready for your competitions as your horses or ponies may have dropped weight during the winter due to the lack of grass, or even gained weight from standing in their stables munching hay and doing less work. a saddle check will just confirm that your saddle is a perfect fit as you up your horses work load.

We then traveled to Lancashire and Yorkshire to catch up with more customers whos horses and ponies were getting ready to be ridden more as the weather improves. One of our customer’s ponies had been off work with an injury for over 8 months and they prudently booked in for a check before she started ridden work.

You never know what you are going to see when you arrive at a customers property to check their saddle, especially when they have been off work, horses and ponies can change hugely in just a short period of time, but when a pony has been in re hab it is more important as changes can be more extreme. Fortunately the customer wisely had us check the saddle as the pony had changed hugely and we needed not only to adjust the tree but to make some very considerable changes to the way it was flocked. Pleased to say she is now going great.

We left Lancashire with bright sunshine but by the time we got to The Claylands Shetland Pony Stud near Bradford to visit with Di and Shetland Pony Stallion, Percy to check his Mathew Lawrence Showing Saddle for him it was snowing!!

Fortunately that was the only snow we saw on this trip, even in The Highlands of Scotland.

Next up to Northumberland and visiting, The Scottish Borders, Lothian, Perth and Kinross and then up to Aberdeenshire, fitting new saddles and checking existing saddles for Arabian horses, Coloured Cobs, a Welsh Section B and some Welsh Section Ds, an Irish Sports Horse, a Connemara  and of course quite a few Highlands.

Regardless of breed of disaplin saddle checking should be a regular part of your horse’s maintenance routine, we recommend most customers have their saddle checked by a Professional Saddle Fitter, at least once a year. Higher level or more active riders should have them checked more often.

With our National team embers we check saddles some times every 2 to 3 months especially when they are going into work in order to keep their saddles at optimum fit.

Good luck for the new season everyone and well done to those of you who have already been out there .

Now Booking for The Czech Republic, Portugal, South Of England, Wales, Scotland, Jersey and  North of England




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2 comments on “The importance of Saddle Maintenance
  1. Annette Batty says:

    Hi Is it possible that someone can come and check out my mares M&M saddle fit please? I am in Powys near Welshpool. A Mon Tues or weekend are best but I am off work on Fri 25th July in case anyone is around here then . Thanks . Annette

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Annette, yes we can come and check your saddle for you. please give me a call in the office or email me your address, postcode and contact number and i’ll book you in. The travel charge is £85. flocking £35, a tree adjustment £50 and checking and fitting is free and all done on site.

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