Saddle Fit Awareness Clinic and MOT Days.

Saddle awareness Clinic PragueFor a number of years now we have been running Saddle Fit Awareness Clinics on request for our Retail Partners, Agents and some of the Trainers and Bodyworkers we work with.

I have been giving the matter of education a lot of thought since the Saddle Research Trust Conference 2014 where it was discussed after a study of 128 horses undertaken by Dr Sue Dyson highlighted the fact that on the whole a high percentage of horses and ponies have ill fitting saddles and there owners are very confused about how a saddle should fit. What is also clear is that a high percentage have also spent a large amount of money on saddles but still have periods where they are unaware that the saddle is not fitting and therefore causing problems for themselves and their horses.

Anyway…… we have now decided to offer our saddle awareness clinics UK wide in order to help empower horse owners to be able to asses their saddles and therefore know when they need help from their saddle fitter.

Saddle awareness Clinic PragueWe do not charge for our time at the clinics at present however the organisers usually make a nominal charge, for example £5 to £15 per person depending on the cost of hiring their venue and whether they are providing catering but mainly to cover their costs or raise money for a good cause ( we have done talks for Riding Clubs, Societies and Charities for example the RDA and Horses for Heroes ).

if you would like to learn more then please contact us, when we did a Clinic in Prague a few years ago the local TV station filmed us. Unfortunately it’s in Czech but it gives you an idea of what the clinics entail.

First Video – with kind permission of EquiTv.

Second Video Again with Kind permission of EquiTv

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