Comfort Elite Reflex Girth Fitting Instructions


Thank you very much for choosing our Reflex Girth. This girth has been in development for approximately 3 years and has been thoroughly tested by our product testers and it is very important it is correctly fitted herunterladen.

The girth comes in two parts with a detachable pad, it is important that the elasticated slits in the pad lines up with the slits in the main girth word 2013 free.

When the girth has been removed after riding you may find that the girth has changed shape and can shorten, this is quite normal on some horses icloud photos on laptop. Just re adjust to a flat girth before it is attached for the next ride, the girth is just confirming to your horses shape and action and should not cause a problem, it is just easier to reattach when it is flat minecraft häuser downloaden.








When fitting the girth to your horse please ensure that the front d ring is in the middle, the easiest way to achieve this is once the girth is firmly attached on both sides run your hand down the groove between the horses front legs and ensure that the d ring is aligned with this groove youtube videos kostenlos downloaden mp3.

As horses often have more muscle on one side than the other you may find that in order to align the D with the groove that you have the girth on fewer holes one side than the other, again that is normal on some horses Minecraft windows. Once you have aligned to the groove please adjust equally each side once you are onboard .

With regards to the correct size for your horse it is important that the strapping of the girth is clear of the point of the shoulder this may mean you need a slightly longer girth than normal on some horses word herunterladen uni kassel.


Any questions or if you need clarification please contact us and we can assist you so you get the best results from your girth.