What’s Special About My ReactorPanel Saddle?

The Panels 

Independently attached, the panels compress and flex on either side of the horse’s spine in response to the back motion.

Independently attached, the panels compress and flex on either side of the horse’s spine in response to the back motion.

The panels of the ReactorPanel Saddle system are made of a sandwich composition of leather, hi tech foam and plastics, which creates their weight distribution ability. This composition with an added design feature, allows the panels to actively move three dimensionally with the horse.

The plastic on the panel, Delrin® is a shatter-resistant flexible plastic which is laser cut in such a way as to allow the panels to flex on the horses back but still lie flat against it giving good contact. Though other saddle panel systems may use Delrin®, with the ReactorPanel® Saddle system we only use one layer of Delrin®  combined with a sandwich of slow closed-cell foams which allows much more movement and with the added benefit of Sorbothaine shock-absorbing discs, provides unparalleled fit and comfort for the horse. Other paneled saddles using a number of layers of Delrin® are not so flexible.

The ReactorPanel® panels sit on either side along the horse’s back, much the same as a tradition saddle but with twice the length and width, providing much less pressure under the load bearing surface of the saddle. The panels are fully adjustable and can be moved forwards, backwards, closer together or farther apart in the front if needed. These adjustments if made by a Accredited ReactorPanel® Saddle Fitter will give the rider a really close contact feel similar to riding bareback with stirrups.

The Discs

ReactorPanel Discs

Reactorpanel Sorbothane discs

Four shock-absorbing Sorbothane discs attach the RP’s flexible panels to the saddle. The discs come in four thicknesses, therefore a standard tree can easily be customer fitted to your horse and unlike a traditional saddle, a  templated tree is not usually required. This combination allows changes in panel angles, so one saddle can easily be adjusted if necessary to accommodate extreme changes in your horse or should you change horses.The provision of a standard tree in most cases with the exception of very wide or very narrow horses allows for unsurpassed flexibility in a treed saddle and means that in most cases it really is a “saddle for Life”.

It is often possible to use your saddle for more than one horse without adjustment if they are of similar shapes, during your fitting let us know if you would like to explore the possibility of a fit for more than one horse as it will need to be checked on them all.

Continually fitting these saddles every day we are constantly learning more about fine tuning them and added new new  1/4 inch disks in 2011, this enable a saddle to be adjusted to a much wider horse giving greater flexibility.

The discs provide two additional functions for the horse in motion. First, they flex as needed to accommodate the movement of the shoulder and loin, together with the independant movement of the panels they help to eliminate “bounce” from even the biggest moving horse. Simultaneously, they compress to absorb the shock of the rider’s weight hitting the saddle. For example, beginners learning the rising trot, landing from a jump, or in the canter when the horse rounds it’s back in the transition.

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