General Saddle Information

Does Your Saddle Fit?

We encounter and solve equine behavior issues every day that are saddle-related, often surprising horse owners who previously believed that their horses had personality or training issues find that the behavior improves under a well fitting saddle. Also riders who have experienced pain or discomfort during or after riding often find they are at last pain free,

Choosing The Right Saddle, Trials & Customisation.

Here at Saddle Exchange we take choosing the right saddle for you very seriously. When you first make contact we will discuss your requirements, we are very experienced, fitting on average of 5 to 7 horses a day, in fact we once fitted 21 in one day at a Clinic organised by Endurance GB!

What to Expect at one of Our Saddle Fittings

Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions, saddle fittings Nationwide monthly and Worldwide by special appointment.

Pain Related to Horse Riding – A Saddle Fitters Persepective.

There are a number of reasons riders experience pain related to horse riding, it’s a common problem that most horse riders think is part of the riding experience, this does not need to be the case.
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Why Would I need a Saddle Correction System?

When Fitting Remedial Horses a Mattes Saddle Correction System is sometimes required, this is in those cases when muscle atrophy is so extreme that there is just "No Muscle on the Horse's Back to Support The Saddle"
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Tell Me About Bioplastics? and its use in Synthetic Tack

Being well known for our top quality, hand made, English Leather Bridle Work which of course we still make. In 2011 we branched into Bioplastics. Why was that? ....
ReactorPanel Saddles

Identifying your ReactorPanel Saddle

ReactorPanel® Saddles have evolved over the years, that's a good thing when it comes to identifying and dating them

Identifying your Native Pony Saddle Company Saddle

The Original Native Pony Saddle Company Saddles have changed over the years and all three of our teams of saddle makers have made the saddles at one time or another. As the saddles are hand made they put their personality into the saddles, this makes it easy to identify a saddle and it's age based on who made it.