Griffin NuuMed Numnahs

Griffin NuuMed NumnahsNuuMed started making numnahs around 17 years ago so they are thoroughly tried and tested.

They still design and make all our products at their factory in Somerset, England. We have been working with them recently and they now produce a range of numnahs which we designed with them to fit our saddles.


Why should I pay more for a NuuMed numnah when there are much cheaper versions available?

A There are many reasons:

  • NuuMed numnahs last and give real value for money.
  • NuuMed products are proven as some of the best designed numnahs. They work effectively with your saddle and in doing so, help ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible through his back;
  • NuuMed use British wool in many of their lines and this, we believe, is the best material to have next to a horse’s back
  • NuuMed still make all their products in the UK which makes asking advice, sourcing exactly what you need and ensuring you get high quality products much easier

Isn’t wool too hot to use in the summer?

  • No. Wool is the best material to use in summer because of its moisture absorption qualities and its ability to circulate air. NuuMed saddlepads are used in 100 mile endurance competitions in the Middle East – a true test of their ability to perform in the heat.

Can I wash a NuuMed wool numnah?

  • Yes, every day if you wish. Just make sure you follow the washing guidelines.

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