Arabian & Iberian Horses

4 comments on “Arabian & Iberian Horses
  1. Jane Davidson says:

    I am struggling to find a saddle to fit my 15.2hh Lusitano mare. Her current saddle, ideal Jessica, restricts her shoulder movement and she is currently unrideable. She is very wide and barrel shaped. Any suggestions?

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Jane, we do fit a lot of Lusitanos, especially when we visit Portugal and could provide a saddle to suit you as well as your horse. where are you based?

  2. Faye chewter says:

    Hi I’m stuck too.

    I’m in Kent and can’t find a saddle to fit my barrel shaped lusitano at all
    Please can you help ?

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Faye, please accept my apology for the late reply as I’ve been saddle fitting in Europe. we fit lots of Lusitanos, both here and in Portugal. Please feel free to call us to discuss what you need , I’ll be home over the holiday but saddle fitting on the 27th and 28th. 01278734524 or 07753835558. (:

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