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Here at Saddle Exchange we really do cater for every breed of horse or pony, to find saddles which we manufacture which are suitable for your horse or pony select your breed/ type which will bring you a selection of saddles.

Dressage saddles for cobs, native Ponies & Sports Horses.

Comfort Elite Cadence Mono-Flap, the saddle on the right is used on Denise Kersley’s Traditional Cob Stallion, Tiger Tim

Unlike other Saddlery companies, when you have chosen your choice of saddles youwish to try, we will request photos of your horse before a visit.This is to determine which one of our saddle options is suitable for your horse. For example should you wish to try a Comfort Elite Cadence Mono-Flap there is a choice of tree,flap and panel options to suit all back and wither profiles. The picture shows two of our Cadence options, The saddle on the right is the Cadence Dressage Saddle,  Option suitable for wide horses with moderate wither and a little shape to the back. On the Right The flatter option for Wide Horses & Cobs, this option has a flatter, wider tree with a wider head and often a shorter gusset is required as these type of breeds are often short coupled.

Dressage saddles for ponies, cobs & Wide Horse

Different options available for the Comfort Elite Rapport Dressage saddle. The Sports Horse Option is used by Yasmin Ingham & CraigMor Tom, European Pony Eventing Champion 2013, who is shaped just like a little horse.