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The Pony Saddle CompanyOur pony range of Pony Saddle Company Saddles are designed to fit all breeds of wider horses and ponies for all disciplines providing any pony or horse with a  comfortable, well fitting saddle for hacking, Pony Club, Mounted Games, Jumping or a  neatly cut show saddle to be used at every level of showing.

Our Pony Saddle Company Saddles have the soft, secure feel of a Comfort saddle on our trademark specially designed trees which fit cobs and ponies so well.

Wide Gullet saddles

All our saddles come with the soft flocked, tradition, close contact panels, wide gullets they always did, handmade on British Standard adjustable trees with English leathers sourced from within a mile of the saddler’s workshops

All the Pony saddles come with soft flocked tradition close contact panels, wide gullets and with our four girthing straps for custom girthing on our specially designed trees and have been thoroughly tested by both ourselves and our customer to give a close contact, secure feel with none of the usual slipping and balance problems associated with our rounder, flatter equines.

They have been designed with horse and rider in mind, offering maximum rider comfort however wide the horse or pony in a  range of seat sizes and widths, fitting the smallest child to the widest horse, and everything in between. Our saddles are made with wide panels giving a good load bearing surface all the way along the horse or pony’s back, all the saddles have a wide gullet, for good spine clearance, however wide the horse or pony.

7 comments on “The Pony Saddle Company
  1. Neil says:

    I got a 15″pony wintec saddle with changeable gullet bars if you want to buy it

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi, Im afraid I dont buy or sell wintec saddles, have you tried ebay or preloved as that is where we sell our part exchange saddles.(:

  2. Rachel Judd says:


    I bought a new 16.5″ pony saddle company saddle from you. It is black, full leather. It is only a 1.5yrs old (with limited use) but My pony has now retired. I wondered if you would buy this back? Or possibly part exchange?

    Rachel Judd (based in berkshire)

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Rachel,

      We do buy back saddles occasionally, but as we are a company we can’t give you as much money as if you were to sell it privately because we have to add VAT etc. If you want us to give you a quote though we are more than happy to do so. If you could email over some pictures of the saddle particularly the seat and under the flap we can email you back with a quote.

      Many thanks

      • Gini Woodward says:

        Hi Rachel, i’m sure we can help you with either. please drop me an email about what you are looking to part exchange for or photos of your existing saddle for a quote, sorry to hear you have had to retire Snoopy, I know he had a lot of issues that you have been struggling with. Gini x

  3. Lyndsay says:

    Hi there could you please tell me if the Tavy saddle is adjustable please?

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Lyndsay, is it specific saddle you are talking about? if so please call us with the ID number and we can look it up for you as we should have a history on he database, otherwise, yes the trees are adjustable each way for up to 2.5 fits (:

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