The Native Pony Saddle Company

The Original Native Pony Saddle Company

Lots of companies now say they sell “Native Pony Saddles” These are the originals. Well known for their traditional style and well designed trees which fit wide horses and ponies so well.

All our Native Pony Saddles are the same design, quality and made by the same makers that they always were… Why change perfection?

Same Product, Same Quality, Same Flexibility and Same Excellent Fit. Built with the original knowledge from the person who originally questioned why everything moved on a Native!

Our Accredited Fitting Specialists and Retail Partners undertake an extended apprenticeship and then are required to undertake continual learning and training with us  . Accreditation is renewed every year to ensure that the required standard is maintained and all customers and their equines receive the same high standard of saddle fitting and service. In area’s where we do not have agents or they are still in training fitting is undertaken by Dean Woodward, the designer, trainer of the agents and original fitter of the saddles and his wife Gini who herself now has been fitting our saddles since 2006. Please note that with the exception of our International Retail Partners Listed on Our Website we do not make saddles for anyone else. Hence the Original saddles are only available from us.

Original Native Pony Saddle Company saddles

Our Native Pony Saddle Company Saddles have a green nailhead.Comfort Saddles red and Pony saddle company dark blue. Any other colour, it’s not one of ours!

All our saddles come with the soft flocked tradition close contact panels, wide gullets they always did, handmade on British Standard trees with English leathers sourced from within a mile of the saddler’s workshops.

The saddles have been designed with horse and rider in mind, offering maximum rider comfort however wide the horse or pony in a range of seat sizes and widths, fitting the smallest child to the largest adult, smaller pony to the widest horse, and everything in between.

All genuine Native pony saddles will be stamped with our logo on the flap

All genuine Native pony saddles will be stamped with our logo on the flap

Designed with the wider, flatter Equine in mind our Native Pony saddles come with the wide, soft flocked traditional panels giving maximum shock absorption and comfort.

Wide gullets to accommodate the widest of spinal processes and all have as standard, well placed four girthing straps for custom girthing on our specially designed trees that give a close contact secure feel with none of the usual slipping and balance problems associated with the rounder, flatter equines.

Handmade on specially selected British Standard trees with best quality English and Italian leathers sourced from within a mile of our workshops we now offer custom colours, leathers, piping and stitching and now of course Bling!…..

Our saddles also offer maximum rider comfort, with our specially chosen trees, seats and twist giving a comfortable leg channel however wide the horse or pony. In a range of seat sizes and widths, fitting the smallest child to the largest adult, smallest pony to the widest horse and everything in between. Seat sizes 13 to 18 inch.

We also offer plenty of options with our Pony saddles regardless of the brand you choose, they can be supplied in either rich dark brown or black, full leather or part suede. You also have the added option of extra soft seats and supportive, extra padded knee rolls with the additional optional padding over the stirrup bar for extra comfort.

We also give you the option of either fixed or Velcro knee blocks and additional, extra jumping knee blocks for your saddle.

All saddles are adjustable and have a 14 day trial in order to make sure that you purchase the right saddle
for you and your horse or pony.

All the saddles are made by fully qualified Master Saddle Makers with many years of experience, who are also members of the Society of Master Saddlers in England, United Kingdom, using top quality, soft and supple English leather on our specially designed British standard trees, combining traditional handmade methods with modern innovation.

Extensively tested by ourselves, our equines and our customers.

Saddle Fitting is available World Wide by appointment . Trade Enquiries Welcome.

Nation Wide Saddle Fitting by Appointment

Setting up the stand at Equifest 2013, Mathew Lawrence called in to say hi and has a sit on his saddle.

saddle exchange show stand

Saddle Exchange Show Stand at the Welsh Cob Sales Builth Wells.

Nation Wide Saddle Fitting by Appointment, See our Agents Diaries for details   or contact us directly by calling 0844 800 8564 or emailing

We attend a number of Shows and Events throughout the year and at these events saddle checks and trying new saddles are free. See our Events page for details and please advise us in advance as appointments are limited.

For Our Dedicated Native Pony Saddle Company Website please go to


24 comments on “The Native Pony Saddle Company
  1. Catriona Armstrong says:


    I am interested in a dressage saddle for my connemara pony. I live near Stirling in scotland and wondered when your next available fitting up this way would be.?

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Catriona, we are passing through Stirling this afternoon, please call me on 07753835558 if you would like me to see if it is possible to fit you in otherwise our agent Buffy Lacey would be happy to come and see you. Please have a look at our brand websites for details of our dressage saddles for native ponies and wide horses, there are also some videos on our youtube channel which may interest you.

  2. Jo Iremonger says:

    Could you give me details of a saddle fitter/agent in Berkshire please

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Jo, Dean and I cover Berkshire and will be back again at the end of the July if that is convenient for you please contact me and we can arrange a visit.

  3. Keith Nixon says:

    Im in Darwen, Lancashire. Are you coming close anytime soon?

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Keith, I was in your area a few days ago but will be back again at the end of July, please drop me an email or give me a call and we can book you up.

  4. My pony has muscled up and I would either like to part-exchange or widen my NPS show saddle – I am in the Mottram in Longdendale area SK14 6LG Would anyone be available to assist in my request? I have a wide 15″ brown show saddle (part suede) and need an extra wide 15″ show saddle again part suede please.

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Sally, Dean and I will be in the North of England at the end of the month and would be happy to come and see you and either widen or part exchange your Saddle for you,travel charge is £85, we charge £35 for a flocking rebalance and £50 for a tree adjustment. please contact me directly for a booking either email or call me on 01278734524.

  5. Debbie lock says:

    Hi looking for a saddle for a 5 year old cob. Hard to fit still growing a little bit wide big shoulders 15.3. Eventing style cut that won’t restrict her movement. Currently in Kent and master cob cut have had fitters back out widened gullet now slipping even with anti slip pad. Had physio out said saddle area was abit sore. So we are looking around contemplating treeless.

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Debbie, where are you based? feel free to call me anytime for a chat on 01278 734524 and I will see if we can help.(:

  6. Vicki says:

    I have a quarter horse that is huge and not finding anything that works for him. I have his tracings. Can I email to you? I’m in Wisconsin, USA

  7. Nicky says:

    Do you cover Surrey. I am based near Guildford

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Yes I do, I’m in the area on the 30th of May, please contact us in the office if you would like us to see if we can fit you in, 01278 734524. (:

  8. Lone says:

    I am desperately searching for a saddle for my xwide, short welsh cob sec d. I would prefer dressage.Can you recommend any of your saddles? I am living i Denmark, and wonder if my saddler could do the measuring,so I could order a fitted saddle for my mare? And what would the pricerange incl shipping for dk be, approx.?

  9. Sara Allen says:

    We have an 11.3 hh very flat backed, we’ll sprung sect a Welsh mare. I absolutely cannot find a saddle to fit her! Her saddle all end up on withers and even her neck, or are too long on her short pony back. No one here in Canada that I can find specializes in pony tack. Any advice? We are getting so frustrated. Thanks.

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Sara, we can make a saddle and post to you if we have good enough pictures or fly out and do a fitting for you. Please feel free to message us privately and we can discuss options (:

  10. Melanie griffiths says:

    Hi iv had fitter sell me bates saddle for my no weitherd flat bked,round mare. Hes refunded me as he carnt help me. Saddle kept on moving back,and slidding to the right constantly. Im in north yorkshire. Richmond thankyou

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Melanie, we are in your area in January if you would like to try some saddles, please contact the office for a chat and we can discuss how we can help. 01278734524 (:

  11. Gemma mason says:

    Hiya just wondering if you cover the South Wales area, newport/chepstow, I have a 15hh Welsh cob, had the instructor out today his saddle is currently a medium wide 17inch seat, it’s really starting to slope on one side, very noticeable, and he’s arching his back up when mounting, ive had the saddle fitted and was told its a o.k and he seen me ride in it, I’ve had him out on several occasions as the saddle is pushing my left seat bone uncomfortably up, instructor suggested extra wide fitting, cob saddle in 17inch? It’s there anyway you could help?

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Gemma, yes we do, please call us on our office number and we can discuss what you need and an appointment , the number is 01278734524 (:

  12. Maria W Robertson says:

    I am wanting to purchase a saddle for my Highlabd pony. Do you have a price list. And is there a saddle fitter near to me DN22 8AY

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Maria, we cover your area ourselves at present while our agent completes her training and the callout for us is £85, saddle prices are on the website (:

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