ReactorPanel Saddles

ReactorPanel Saddles

…. Anything Else is Just A Saddle!

The ReactorPanel ® saddle is the most dynamic of the innovative saddles on the market, not only are the panels flexible and almost infinitely adjustable, but the connection between the saddle and the panel is Sorbothane, which is a dense patented rubber designed to isolate vibration while absorbing energy and impact. No other saddle has this system, which absorbs shock and concussion while moving with the horse’s back, flexing as the horse moves.

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Now for A Little Theory behind the saddle……

The ReactorPanel Saddle is a modification of military saddle designs using Hi-tech materials. The panels are made of a sandwich composition of leather, hi-tech foam and plastics, which creates their weight distribution ability. This composition with an added design feature,allows the panels to actively move three dimensionally with the horse, which is beneficial for several reasons.

Performance is enhanced because the horse is able to move fully and use its full range of movement medially and laterally. Also, for either a young horse or an older horse lacking muscle tissue development, the panels actively allow development to happen.

Reactorpanel saddles, Discs & Panels

The two panels are attached to the saddle tree via four shock absorbing Sorbothane and velcro impregnated blocks.These blocks create a vital gap that allows for angle changes to the panels,so one saddle can accommodate a wide range of horses.

The two panels are attached to the saddle tree via four shock absorbing  Sorbothane and velcro impregnated blocks.These blocks create a vital gap that allows for angle changes to the panels,so one saddle can accommodate a wide range of horses. the front to back balance is achieved by the use of the Sorbothane blocks and shimms inserted in appropriate places. Because there is no flocking the saddle will never need re-stuffing.

To provide shoulder freedom, the ReactorPanel Saddle is designed so that the front edge of the panel deliberately rests over the scapula. This part of the panel is non weight bearing at its edges and the tree points are specially shortened to end above the bony mass of the scapula. When the shoulders rotate backwards they slide easily under the panels without encountering rigid resistance. When riding without numnahs/saddle pads you can easily see the panels flex as the shoulders move underneath.The ReactorPanel saddles flexible panels and shock absorbing discs follow the changing contours of the back in motion. The panels undulate with the back under the center of the saddle. Independently attached, the panels compress and flex on either side of the horse’s spine in response to the back motion, moving with the movement of the horse. This movement can be felt by the rider through the saddle, giving a close contact feel for the rider, helping to make aids to the horse clearer and giving the rider more awareness of the horse beneath.

Four shock-absorbing Sorbothane discs attach the panels to the saddle with Velcro. The discs come in four thicknesses, which allows almost infinite repositioning to custom fit the saddle, this combination allows for changes in panel angles so that one saddle can be adjusted to accommodate many horses and that the saddle can be adjusted to accommodate your horses changing shape. Shims can also be used in the front and back of the saddle to provide further adjustment if required.

team chasing saddle

Lissey Seidel, Team Chaser, Jumps a very large fence!

When riding in the saddle freedom of movement can often be observed immediately, the stride lengthens and gaits improve noticeably, especially the lengthened or extended trot. Some horses offer a more controlled and balanced canter. The shoulder freedom allowed by the saddle expands lateral capabilities in movements. Many riders report that, for the first time their horses move freely forward while traveling down hill in a ReactorPanel saddle. The ReactorPanel saddle is designed to produce low even pressure underneath the entire saddle. This encourages the horse to work from the hindquarters and to come “through” with a relaxed back. A pain free horse can achieve and maintain the round frame so important for athletic performance in all disciplines – dressage, endurance, cross country. While we are mostly successful in the Endurance world all riders in all disciplines can benefit from this amazing saddle system, as we can provide saddles for all disciplines.

Maria Alvarez Mercedes Ponton FEI World Endurance Champion became the first person to hold both World and European titles when she became European Champion in Assisi, Italy in September 2009. Here she is pictured in Malaysia 2008 on her ReactorPanel® Endurance saddle riding ‘Nobby’ who also came in as best condition. Maria then went on to win the championship again in Kentucky in 2010 and the Europeans again in Florac 2011 making her the only person to ever win twice ( .. oh and hold the European title as well). An amazing accomplishment I’m sure you’ll agree.

Maria Alvarez mercedes Ponton saddle

Maria Alvarez Mercedes Ponton, Twice World, Twice European Endurance Champions.

Also in Kentucky 2010 the top British and German finishers were also our customers riding on their ReactorPanel saddles, well done also to Christine Yeoman and Sabrina Arnold. Sabrina then came in 40 seconds behind Maria in Florac 2011. In the World Championship in 2012 Maria, again riding Nobby came in 4th, after having a baby 5 weeks earlier, fantastic result and well done. We now fit ReactorPanel saddles to riders and their horses in 8 National Teams. We are very proud to state that some of the best Endurance riders in the World use our saddles.

For more information on the saddle please see  Reactorpanel Information Pages

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  1. Claire Balfour says:

    Hi, we have one of your reactor panel saddles on trial, saw you after the highland show. Please could you tell me whether using the second and third girth straps on Darcy’s left and first and second on her right side would prevent the saddle from moving right after canter?
    Claire and Lorna Balfour

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Claire, please give me a call when is convenient 01278 734524 as im home at the moment and my mobile signal isnt very good.

  2. Iben Jensen says:

    Dear Gini

    My friend, Mira Skadegaard Thorsen is very satisfied with her new saddle bought from you – and as I am looking for a new saddle for my Icelandic horse(s), I will like you to include me on your next trip to Denmark.

    I live in Northern part of Sealand: Graested/Gilleleje (North of Hilleroed)

    The saddle is primarily for my mare, 14 years, but it will be fine if it can fit my two young horses (4 years).

    I will be at home most of the summer, so please send me the dates for your next trip to Denmark.

    Best regards

  3. Tracy Mann says:


    Do you have a saddle fitter in North Yorkshire or are Dean and Gini due in the area at all please. I have a saddle that needs refitting and new velcro on the blocks please.

    Kind regards ,

  4. Mette says:

    Hi Dean and Gini,
    I wrote you last year before you went to DK, but didn’t at the time have the money for a saddle.
    Now i do, and I have found an interesting saddle sold by a private person. I can’t seem to get a hold on Signe, I guess because of her not being back in action yet. Is there anyone else in DK who can fit RP saddles? I dind it to risci to buy the saddle without a professional to say yes/no!!
    Best regards

  5. Kirsty Farren says:

    I have a Lucinda mcalpine 17″ black saddle to sell in v Gd condition
    Do you buy these or sell them on behalf
    Kind regards

  6. Jacqueline Edwards says:

    Hi guys are you in Surrey in the near future?

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Jacqui, the office are booking for that area at the moment if you would like to give them a call (:

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