Great start to August and this months Saddle Fitting

Phoebe locke europeans 2014Since my last Blogg, we’ve been out to the South East and the Kent Show,back up to Scotland via the North of England, saddle fitting for Yasmin Ingham and had the pleasure of fitting dressage and jumping saddles to the one and only Imperial Cavalier and then a trip out to a scorching Czech Republic where it was 36 degrees one lunchtime.

We have also had some fantastic achievements from the customers again this month, well done to Pheobe Locke, who after having a great season with Mr Otto who she has only had since the end of last season made the British Pony Eventing Team and went to the European Championship where the team came back with Silver. Both Yasmin Ingham and Libby Seed have been doing really well in their first year out of Ponies, well done to you both at Hopetoun where Yas came Nicki, Mango and Husband Andy at Windsor Endurance Ride 20145th ( the top British Finisher) and Libby 6th. Over to Endurance where Nicki Thorne is now ranked number 1 in the world. Amazing achievement Nicki in less than 3 and a half years, I remember fitting your first Endurance saddle to Mango the Magnificent in the dark in October 2010 also well done to Kate Atkinson who won the Cumbria Challenge.

Looking forward to the Scottish Endurance Championship, where Buffy and Tamara will be on the stand if anyone would like a last check before the ride or to look at any of the saddles and our endurance kit. Meanwhile Dean and I will be at Equifest on Friday and Saturday before heading home to reload and meet Buffy and Tamara ready for Blair Castle International Horse Trials. Tamara has even been covering one of the saddle stands in Tweed ready for the show.

The Saddle Stand Ready to be coveredHelena our Agent for Germany and Tamara our soon to be agent for the Borders of Scotland, Northumberland and Cumbria have been out saddle fitting with us and both of them are now very close to accreditation. well done guys!

And Buffy and Kylie have also been busy fitting our customers who have booked up after the Kent and Highland Show.

Me trying my best  to look dignified while Mimi does his famous rear.

Me trying my best to look dignified while Mimi does his famous rear.

International trips we have planned for September are Denmark and it will also be our first visit to Cyprus to visit the RDA and fit some saddles for them. As that is where my family on my father’s side originally comes from I’m particularly looking forward to that one. While we are talking about international trips the trip to Prague this time was a particularly memorable one, not only did we catch up with some customers we fitted previously and got to enjoy the amazing progress they have made with their horses since having their new saddles. We were also accompanied by my Daughter Indiana and her friend Caragh as the trip doubled as a 21st birthday treat for her, she had a great time exploring Prague and a well earned break from her studies as a 2nd year medical Student.

The trip was fun for me too as I got to ride one of my favourite customer, famous stunt horse Generalissimus Morgana III or Mimi for short. It’s a strange feeling to ride a rearing horse, especially one which goes so high and not feel unsafe in any way. Well I suppose it is different if you ask them to do it and it’s what they do for a living!

Here’s a fantastic Clip of Yas and her boys competing at Ashton Le Walls OLU21 last weekend.

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