Terri, Ollie and a saddle for a growing young horse

Now in full ridden work Terri and Ollie are starting to Enjoy a bit of Endurance

Like most young ponies, Ollie was lead of another horse to get him used to being away from his stable and field. As you can see he has a wide flat back.

Like most young ponies, Ollie was lead of another horse to get him used to being away from his stable and field. As you can see he has a wide flat back.

When we first met Terri and Ollie in February 2014 they were having a problem as Ollie, a 4 year old Traditional Cob had a very sore back and no topline, Terri had bought a number of saddles for Ollie but although she had them professionally fitted and bought then new none had worked to her satisfaction and definitely not long term.

This was interfering greatly with his training and he wasn’t very keen on being ridden and getting him to work softly in an outline was almost impossible which was not helping matters.Unfortunately the saddle he had been wearing no longer fitted him as like all youngsters was changing very quickly . Some people think you have to start a horse or pony in an old saddle and not by a well fitting saddle untill they are their finished shape, that however is not the case. Our saddles can be adjusted as your horse changes shape and grows up, we have lots of customers who bought their saddles for young horses just being started and years later they still have the same saddle. They also have not developed and damaged muscle or behaviours  associated with back pain. If you want a saddle for a starter then you just need to be aware that you will need to see us more often. The results are well worth the extra time.

Since Terri purchased her Pony Saddle Company Tor things have improved for Terri and we have adjusted the tree a number of times to accommodate Ollie’s changing shape. Here’s what Terri has to say 9 months later.

Terri and Ollie

Terri and Ollie

“Thank you Dean and Gini for again! Getting Ollie comfortable and forwards going. As we went down the lane I decided I felt so secure we would just pop up the road, this was Ollie’s first time out with no friends or a walker by his side, he was so comfortable that he wanted to go even further! !!! You both know how many saddles I had tried yet none worked, thankfully I met you and at the time had nearly given up.  I was wary as I had lost so much money to so called fitters who just couldn’t fit to him, Dean you looked at him and knew instantly what he needed, Gini you kept me calm when I was so upset and now I count you as friends who always have Ollie’s welfare in mind, I am amazed at how many changes he has gone through. From muscle wasteage to having an amazing topline today, I have no doubt that you have both worked miracles for me and my boy thank you so much xxxx. My cob will soon be out in competition and that is thanks to you both and your professional and friendly service with the best saddles and bridles.

xxx thank you again xx ”

5 comments on “Terri, Ollie and a saddle for a growing young horse
  1. Jennifer says:

    I am looking for a saddle for my 11yr old mare .In the past we havehad awful problems with my mares feet due to Poor Farriers.Now my mare is back on the road and in the last yr with the help of an amazing Farrier.She has been through so much.I have at the moment a Thorowood synthetic saddle which is not very comfartable at all, so i am very interesting in purchasing a saddle from your company.My mare is at a yard in Pontypridd Mid Glamorgan, could you please give my an idea of the cost of the call out fee so i can calculate the cost.

    Many thanks and await your reply

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Jenny, as luck would have it I’m taking bookings now for Wales, im back in the office from tomorrow so please give me s call and we can discuss options 01278734524 (:

  2. Teri and Ollie says:

    Just a quick thank you, As you know, Ollie has been fitted and re-fitted being the table top he is, having my chiropractor and physio up to assess Ollie after his unfortunate event, both have stated how much better he is in the saddle I have bought, he is forwards, keen and relaxed, both have said how pleased they are that I have managed to find such excellent quality and fit for my wide boy, both have also stated how much care has obviously gone into the making of these saddles, thanks for all your previous and on going and future care for my boy. Thanks for everything xxxx

  3. teri says:

    I can not stop smiling!!!!!!!!!! Having now bought the cadence cob saddle, Ollie and I have made huge progress!!! He is still if not more comfortable and moves beautifully, he looks forwards to going in the school!?!?! He’s amazing out hacking and the comfort!!!! My botty is in heaven lol. I have lengthened my leathers by two holes so far and will be dropping my stirrups again. People have commented that he looks so good when under saddle and my position has completely changed. He and I have started another journey, one that involves entering dressage comps! I don’t normally do competition but this saddle has changed that. Next will be jumping, better start saving now for the jump saddle. Thank you both for your support and extensive knowledge and expertise x

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