Tenna, Rio and a Mono Flap Dressage Saddle

Danish Dressage Rider

Tenna & Rio competing in Odense 2012

Tenna & Rio competing in Odense 2012

Earlier this year we were contacted by one of our friends in Denmark asking us to come and fit a saddle for her friend Tenna. Tenna’s young horse Rio H was struggling with a saddle that did not fit and our friend Charlotte had lent her one of her Comfort saddles and the horse had moved much better and seemed more comfortable. We flew out and Fitted Rio H ( or Bob as he is known) and they have gone from strength to strength, qualifying and then coming 8th in the Danish dressage championships. This is their story.

” Well my horse’s name is “Rio H” (but daily speaking we call him “Bob” :-D) and he is a 4-year old gelding. I bought him in the end of March this year at “Priess-stutteri” in North Jutland.

When the horse is only 4 years old the competitions are limited in Denmark – we have a championship for young horse, where 4-years, 5-years and 6-years compete with other horses same age as them selves. This is “Dansk Rideforbund” (Danish riding union) who is in charge of this, and more than 500 4-years horses tried to qualify during the summer. about 120 qualified for the middle round and the best 26 from these were in the finals in Odense (including Bob and I) :-).

In Odense there was a first round on wednesday and the best 13 were directly in the last final Friday. Again my lovely horse did all he was told and became number 9. In the last final Friday we were number 8, were the were new judges from Belgium and Germany. It was much more than I expected and I was just proud to be in the final – so that fact that we were in top 10 both days were totally unexpected!!

We just went home from the competition before we had to go again. This time it was the championship for young horses arranged by “Dansk Varmblod”. There have been 4 qualifying competitions all over Denmark where 200-250 young horses were competing and the best 35 is qualified to the finals in Herning i March 2013. We are qualified as number 22, so we are looking were much forward to a new great experience in Herning!! And the training has started so we can take it slowly 🙂

Odense and Herning are some of the biggest competitions in Denmark around the year and almost all riders are professional riders, so we are very proud to able to join them :-)”

Bets regards
Tenna (and Bob)

Here’s some Video’s of Tenna, for more videos please see our Youtube Channel. Saddle Exchange TV


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