Sandie Bregnager Kjær and Healthy Horse

Saddle Exchange are proud to be associated with Healthy Horse.

 aqua trainerHelping Sandie and her clients to find well fitting saddles to assist with the rehab of horses and Ponies in her care.

Healthy Horse is a health centre for horses of all ages. Here you can send your horse on a short or long-term health stay.

Sandie Kjaer trained as a horse masseur at Axel Johnson Bodywork School in Copenhagen, and from age six she dreamed about working professionally with horses. In the summer of 2001 she opened Zealand’s first and only health and holiday resort for horses, Healthy Horse. She also spent a period with the German Olympic rider and veterinary surgeon Dr Mathias Baumann, who owns one of the largest rehabilitation centers for horses in Germany.

Sandie keeps all her horses as naturally as possible, even her race horses , she also trains all her horses in ReactorPanel Saddles including the  Race Exercise saddles designed with her input, she also advocates and uses our traditional ranges of saddles when appropriate.


For more information on Sandie Kjaer and Healthy Horse  please go to

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