Sally Toye, Elvis and Endurance Saddles

International Endurance Rider

Sally & her horse H S Eclipse (Elvis) winner of the Exmoor Stag 2012

Sally has been a customer of ours since 2008 and owns two ReactorPanel saddle, one VSD traditional and one Xtreme Endurance, in fact the Xtreme was first named the Tevis in honour of our good friend Sally who holds the British Record for the most completions( and buckles) at the famous ride.
” I’ve ridden endurance since the mid 90’s when I was foolish enough to go watch Tevis and blag a ride on a 5 year old and the amazing thing was I got round and then got married on the monday……. I then went back as it was so good and managed one more buckle although I have been vetted out more times than I want to think about….. I am a current AERC member and get to ride at least once a year over there as riding in California is just the dogs bollocks (can I say that on yourt website?) Currently riding a Halsdon Arabians horse HS Eclipse aka “Elvis”, a ten year old advanced horse so far 4th at Breamore last year in the 92k er, silver at this years Golden Horseshoe in the Stag Class with Best Handler award thanks to Erice Winn the best crew in the world and also we received the Cheryl Logan sponsored Stag award for the highest placed arab, we came 2nd!! Plus 4th at Berkshire Downs in the 128k Performance Equestrian Ride helping the South East Team win……. More to come I hope but we just take it steady and so on. I will also ride for other people which is a great challenge and something I love to do…..
I write a lot for our magazine as I care about our sport so much as this is real fun for me and it should be fun for everyone…… Endurance has taught me so much and I have met some great people. Do I need to add in the bit about world peace like a Miss World thing?……”

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