Tricia , Judy & a Saddle for an Icelandic.

Trish & Judy On Their Ride

The West Highland Pony Camp is an innocuous title for one of the most unusual and demanding challenges in Scottish riding, also known as the Silver Boot…in 2012 Tricia and Judy were ready for the ride in every way accept a suitable Saddle for an Icelandic¬†undertaking such a challenge.

Thats where we came in.

Tricia tried a few saddles and really felt at home in the Intrepid, Judy was also more comfortable and forward going. Tricia also treated herself to a new Royal Blue Comfort Elite Tassel Bridle and rope reins which not only suited Judy but were, she tells me very handy when they stopped for a break.

Here’s what Tricia has to say……

“It was with some trepidation that I set off for a 5 day endurance ride in the Trossachs with a brand new Comfort Intrepid saddle

The Team, 3 rider, 2 Icelandics and 1 Connemara.

The Team, 3 rider, 2 Icelandics and 1 Connemara.

for my Icelandic mare Judy. I knew she needed a better saddle as her old one was causing muscle wasting and she was not happy with it. Gini and Dean came and fitted us up with the Intrepid and I managed two short rides before my planned adventure. We had a great time covering a distance 105 km, total climb 1,908 m, with 5 passes.

I was extremely comfortable on the ride and Judy was really happy with her new saddle which did not slip to the right all the time like her old one. I could mount with out it slipping and had lots of rings to attach my saddlebags too. As you will see in the photos the scenery was fantastic and we covered all sorts of terrain, fording rivers, escaping from bogs etc.”

Tricia Barber

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