Pedro Neves

Portuguese Working Equitation Team

Pedro NevesPedro is one of Portugal’s up and coming riders and trained by some of the best Portuguese Masters. He is a member of the Portuguese Traditional Equitation School whose aim is to work in harmony with the horse. 

He regularly competes at National level in Working
Equitation & believes in developing the abilities of both horse & rider using classical techniques.

Pedro offers professional one to one coaching in the foundations & principles of classical equitation, specialising in achieving the classical seat and true rein contact.Working in hand techniques to benefit horse & rider.Training in Working Equitation anduse of the Garroche.

He has been working with us over the last year to produce the Iberian Portuguese saddles and accessories to enable Iberian horse owners to be able to compete and take part in demonstrations in authentic costume whilst their horses stay comfortable.

Classically trained full & part Lusitano horses for sale for all budgets and abilities always available.


Comfort Iberian Saddle

The Comfort Iberian Portuguese saddle used by Pedro and designed with his input.

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