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” We don’t pay top competitors to ride in our saddles, they buy and use them because they like them and their horses and ponies win in them “

As we are a relatively young saddlery company ( we’ve been around since 2000), a  question we often get asked is who is riding in our saddles.  Well we like to think you would be surprised !  Our customer base includes well known National and International level Riders, Producers, Judges, Trainers, Chiropractors, Physios, Bowen and Equine Touch practitioners and the occasional National, European and World Champions.  However the majority of our customers ( who at the time I wrote this numbered over 5,000) are just happy hackers and low level competitors. They and their horses and Ponies also deserve the best, the perfect saddle  for them that can be adjusted as their horse grows. So they can always be comfortable and they can reach their potential, their saddle will aid not hinder them in whatever they choose to do.

These are their stories…. Please Scroll down ….

Ellie, Ellis & a saddle for a VERY wide Cob

This is Ellis aka Miss Ellie's Ellis, 5yo welsh sec d x gypsy cob. Ive had him since he was 3 months old, I have done everything on my own with him, hes my best mate! Its thanks to dean and gini that the last piece of our jig saw is in place! Findin a saddle to fit us has been a night mare! ....... Read More about Ellis and Ellie
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Tricia , Judy & a Saddle for an Icelandic.

The West Highland Pony Camp is an innocuous title for one of the most unusual and demanding challenges in Scottish riding, also known as the Silver Boot...in 2012 Tricia and Judy were ready for the ride in every way accept a suitable Saddle for an Icelandic undertaking such a challenge.
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Maj-Britt Carter

Monty Roberts Certified Instructor
Maj-Britt was appointed the very first certified Monty Roberts instructor in Scandinavia in 2004. She holds weekend courses in groundwork and riding of horses. Riding in Both Comfort and ReactorPanel ® saddles on her own horses,she recommends them her clients and is one of our product testers, helping us design a specialised saddle for riders of Iceloandic Horses, we are also in progress of designing her own bridle and a Shetland Pony pad.
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Pedro Neves

Portuguese Working Equitation Team
Pedro is one of Portugal's up and coming riders and trained by some of the best Portuguese Masters. He is a member of the Portuguese Traditional Equitation School whose aim is to work in harmony with the horse.

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