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” We don’t pay top competitors to ride in our saddles, they buy and use them because they like them and their horses and ponies win in them “

As we are a relatively young saddlery company ( we’ve been around since 2000), a  question we often get asked is who is riding in our saddles.  Well we like to think you would be surprised !  Our customer base includes well known National and International level Riders, Producers, Judges, Trainers, Chiropractors, Physios, Bowen and Equine Touch practitioners and the occasional National, European and World Champions.  However the majority of our customers ( who at the time I wrote this numbered over 5,000) are just happy hackers and low level competitors. They and their horses and Ponies also deserve the best, the perfect saddle  for them that can be adjusted as their horse grows. So they can always be comfortable and they can reach their potential, their saddle will aid not hinder them in whatever they choose to do.

These are their stories…. Please Scroll down ….

Kate Curry, Doyenne and a saddle for an Endurance Horse

3 times South East Champion Endurance Horse 
"I’ve been doing Endurance since the late 1980’s, and competing with Doyenne since 2005. I own a ReactorPanel Summit VSD, which suits both me and Doyenne – she has now completed 5600km with EGB, won the South East Champion Horse trophy three times and was 13th in the country in 2013... more about Kate..
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Clare Gangadeen and saddles for two Friesian Horses

Clare, the Founder of RiderCise®, is a qualified, registered and insured Personal Trainer, Functional Coach and Soft Tissue Therapist with over 12 years in the fitness industry and 20 years experience with horses. She lives in Newbury, Berkshire and own's two 8 year old Friesian mares, Annick - 2nd Premier Star Mare and Rana - 3rd Premier mare. The 'Girls' are her world!.... Read more....
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Sandie Bregnager Kjær and Healthy Horse

Saddle Exchange are proud to be associated with Healthy Horse.
Saddle Exchange are proud to be associated with Healthy Horse, Helping Sandie and her clients to find well fitting saddles to assist with the rehab of horses and Ponies in her care. .... Read more about Sandie.....
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Pilates, Horse riding and ReactorPanel, Lisa Rich and Dino

Pilates, Horse-riding and ReactorPanel.... An article by Lisa Rich, Pilates Foundation Teacher.... read more ...

Helen, M and a saddle for a Baroque Friesian

"2 years ago (??), lady luck smiled on me. Someone on my yard was having an appointment with Gini and Dean to try a saddle on her Knabstrupper, and suggested I might like to try one as well.

It’s a long and expensive and sadly not too unusual story about the quest to find a decent saddle to fit a supposedly difficult baroque Friesian gelding, and also my baroque body! So, I took a leap of faith and said yes, and a train of events started which I can still hardly believe. ... Read more...

Jes Anderson and saddles for very large horses.

Danish Eventer and Endurance Rider
Danish Eventer and Endurance Rider Jes has broken more saddle trees than anyone we know so when we were looking for someone to test our trees he was the obvious choice.... more about Jes

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Christine Yeoman and saddles for a decade of Endurance Rider at the Highest Level

British Endurance Team Member
Christine Yeoman has been a customer of ours since 2002 and has been a British Endurance Team member for at least the last 7 years, the top British finisher in the last two world Equestrian Games.
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Sue Buckley and saddles for A Bowen Therapist and Endurance rider

High Level Endurance Rider, Bowen Therapist and Animal Osteopath
Bowen Therapist and Animal Osteopath, Sue Buckley has been doing Endurance since the early 1990's and been a customer since at least 2004.She has rehabilitated 6 horses over the years under ReactorPanel saddles, who all came with problems to some degree or another and has had 3 saddles individually made especially for her . .. Read more About Sue ....

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