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” We don’t pay top competitors to ride in our saddles, they buy and use them because they like them and their horses and ponies win in them “

As we are a relatively young saddlery company ( we’ve been around since 2000), a  question we often get asked is who is riding in our saddles.  Well we like to think you would be surprised !  Our customer base includes well known National and International level Riders, Producers, Judges, Trainers, Chiropractors, Physios, Bowen and Equine Touch practitioners and the occasional National, European and World Champions.  However the majority of our customers ( who at the time I wrote this numbered over 5,000) are just happy hackers and low level competitors. They and their horses and Ponies also deserve the best, the perfect saddle  for them that can be adjusted as their horse grows. So they can always be comfortable and they can reach their potential, their saddle will aid not hinder them in whatever they choose to do.

These are their stories…. Please Scroll down ….

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Marjorie Grant and Trailtrow Eriskay

Scottish Endurance and Dressage Team Member and Highland Pony Judge
Scottish Endurance Team Member, Scottish Dressage Team Member and Highland Pony Judge, Marjorie Grant and her Highland pony Trailtrow Eriskay have been a customer of ours for a number of years, her first saddle being a Native Pony Mountain and Moorland. In fact “Eriskay” was the first ever Highland Pony to achieve Gold in Endurance.
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Ditte Frisbjerg and a saddle for a Danish Warmblood

Advanced Dressage Rider and Instructor from Denmark
"I have had a lot of problems finding the right saddles through time. Its probably no exaggeration when I say I´ve tryed 30 saddles for my horse Deep Purple"... read Ditte's story....,
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Hazel, Bam Bam & a saddle for a High Withered Horse

`I had been searching for a new saddle for my event horse for the last year to no avail, as nothing would fit him. I contacted Gini at Saddle Exchange to see if she could assist and she assured me she would be able too....... read more about Hazel and Bam Bam
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Catriona Moon and saddles for Endurance Horses

British Team Endurance Member & Equine Vet
Catriona has been riding all her life with support of proud Mum Jackie running her crew and has been competing in Endurance for over 20 years.
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Jim, Zana, Beach Rhythm and a Saddle for a Broken Racehorse

Race horse everyone gave up on makes good
Part time Devon flat trainer, Jim Allen was given a horse who kept going lame every time he worked on the gallops. He was only 2 when it was decided he’d never make the track. Jim doesn’t have money to buy expensive racehorses, but its his dream to train them...read more..

Caitlin, Flash and a saddle for a Trec Pony

" I have been a member of the GBR TREC Young Riders Team since I was 16. I have competed at five European and World Championships, placing twice as an individual in the top ten. 4th in Paris in 2017 and 7th in Rome in 2018. This season I was the Level 4 League Champion and received an award for the highest placed international rider. I have competed with Flash, a Dales Pony across Europe. With his increasing fitness and changing shape throughout the years, I have struggled with a saddle that will not only do the 50km distance of the first day, but allow us to comfortably jump up to 1m on the second day.... read more...
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Alexandra Tolstoy & Saddles for Akhal Teke

Broadcaster & Travel Writer
In 2004, along with her husband, Alexandra embarked upon the 2,700 mile journey from Turkmenistan to Moscow, retracing an expedition undertaken by twenty-eight Turkmen riders in 1935, who took 84 days to cover the distance. Dean and Saddle Exchange provided her saddles....
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David Yeoman and Comfort Elite Endurance Kit

British Endurance Team
David has been a customer for a number of years. In 2011 he was the top British Finisher in The European Championships in Florac. He took with him The Comfort Elite Halter Bridle, Breastplate and Reins. Read what David has to say .........

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