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” We don’t pay top competitors to ride in our saddles, they buy and use them because they like them and their horses and ponies win in them “

As we are a relatively young saddlery company ( we’ve been around since 2000), a  question we often get asked is who is riding in our saddles.  Well we like to think you would be surprised !  Our customer base includes well known National and International level Riders, Producers, Judges, Trainers, Chiropractors, Physios, Bowen and Equine Touch practitioners and the occasional National, European and World Champions.  However the majority of our customers ( who at the time I wrote this numbered over 5,000) are just happy hackers and low level competitors. They and their horses and Ponies also deserve the best, the perfect saddle  for them that can be adjusted as their horse grows. So they can always be comfortable and they can reach their potential, their saddle will aid not hinder them in whatever they choose to do.

These are their stories…. Please Scroll down ….

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Libby Seed and Saddles for High Withered Event Horses

Gold Medalist Pony Eventing Team Member & Now Junior British Team Member .
Hi, I’m Libby Seed and last year I was a part of the Great Britain Pony Eventing gold medal winning team on my pony Mr Vick at the European Championships, and we also finished 7th individually... Read more about Libby...
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Kate and Rachel Atkinson , Endurance Saddles and British Teams!

British Endurance Team Members and Team Coach
" Whatever the distance, whatever the speed, whatever the terrain I've never has a horse with a sore back" Rachel Atkinson, British Endurance Team Coach... Read more about Rachel and her daughter Kate......
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Phoebe Locke, Mr Otto, The British Pony Team and Pony Event Saddles

British Pony Eventing Team and English Show Jumping Team Member.
Phoebe started her early career in show jumping and has competed at Horse of the Year Show in 128cm and 138cm classes on six occasions, as well as winning at the Olympia, International Horse Show on her pony Dynamite Diggy in a Native Pony Saddle Company Pony Club with custom flaps, fitted by Dean in 2006.. read more about Pheobe....
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Helen, Lily and a jumping saddle for a Connemara

Helen and Lily like to compete locally show jump and Cross Country
Helen contacted us as she was having problems finding a suitable jumping saddle for a Connemara .... Read More ....
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Terri, Ollie and a saddle for a growing young horse

Now in full ridden work Terri and Ollie are starting to Enjoy a bit of Endurance
When we first met Terri and Ollie in February 2014 they were having a problem as Ollie, a 4 year old Traditional Cob had a very sore back and no topline, this was interfering greatly with his training and he wasn't very keen on being ridden and getting him to work softly in an outline was almost impossible which was not helping matters... read more....
Dorthe Christensen, Danish Endurance Champion 2013 Play Video

Dorthe Christensen, Carpe Diem & a Saddle for the undefeated Danish Endurance Champion

Three Danish Endurance Champion,  2013, 2014 & 2015
Last year I needed to find a new saddle because my old saddle made my poor horse´s back ache. In Danish we say that “good advice is expensive”. Which one should I choose?... read More from Dorthe ...
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Callum, Prince and a saddle for a VERY tall rider.

Young Eventer
Callum Staley, a young Eventer from the Isle of Man had a problem. At 6 foot 2 by 14 years of age with the longest legs I have ever seen he could not find a saddle that fitted his horse Prince and accommodate him comfortably.... and what if he kept on growing taller? ... read Callum's story....
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Gemma, Izzy and Horseboarding

The last time we visited our customers Gemma Morriss and Izzy the colored Cob we were surprised to find they had taken up Horseboarding, a new sport which looks like great fun....Read More...

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