Morven Walker, Jazz and a saddle for a Young Endurance Rider

SERC Under 21 Young Rider

We first met Scottish Endurance Youth Team member,  Morven and mum Jaqueline one snowy night, North of Perth, Highlands of Scotland.  She had just bought a young arab mare for endurance and wanted to try a ReactorPanel saddle.

serc younge riders

Morven and her Arab mare Jazz.

Here’s what Morven has to say about her saddle.

“I first met Dean and Gini in freezing temperatures in white out conditions due to Scottish snow blizzards. They endured the poor road conditions and arrived at snowy Dunning in Scotland, to fit an endurance saddle ‘ ‘with smiles’ to my newly purchased  5 year old, chestnut, Arab mare, Tannasg Psyches Gorgeous, or Jazz to us.

I was 13 years old at the time and was just moving from a bomb proof 20 year old pony to this newly backed beautiful young arab. My request to Dean was to fit a saddle that would adapt with Jazz’s development, would be suitable for endurance, comfy and very importantly give me security! I bought the Xtreme Endurance Reactor Panel which has met my request exactly. I’ve had a great first season with Jazz, completing a number of 30km and gaining my BTQ award.

I’m sure some of my success has been due to the saddle and all the expert advice and assistance that Gini and Dean have continually given me with regards to my saddle and all my endurance kit. They are saddlers unlike any other!  I would recommend them to anybody. ”

Morven Walker, SERC Under 21 Young Rider

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