Matt Burnett and a saddle for a Grand Prix Dressage Rider

matt and derek pirouetteWe first met Matt whilst fitting a saddle at his yard for one of his students who was undertaking a weeks tuition there, we instantly liked the young, talented dressage rider and he liked our saddles.

A few months later when Matt was having saddle issues of his own when he and the Prix St George level stallion he was riding starting to struggle to complete a test due to problems with their existing saddle, I am pleased to say that on fitting one of ours the problems stopped straight away and Matt and his horse were able to return to their previous high standard of work.

Matt said “It’s so great to have such great support and to be able to ride in a saddle I really love! “

matt and gino

We are proud to say that now has our ¬†saddles on all his horses and has also found that they often fit the horses he trains as well, he has also helped us design a new specification of dressage monoflaps for the discerning dressage rider, the first of Matt’s saddles were delivered in April 2016 and Matt said

“I am thrilled to announce that Decanter and I have received the prototype ‘Matt Burnett’ dressage saddle from comfort saddles. I absolutely adore this saddle and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dean and Gini Woodward on the design. I love it so much that I have ordered a second one for Gino!”

Thank you Matt for your invaluable input!