Lucinda McAlpine and a Saddle for a Natural Horsewoman

International Dressage Rider & Expert in Natural Horse Management

Lucinda McAlpine

Lucinda riding “Bowhayes Pioneer” in the Lucinda McAlpine dressage saddle.

The first Grand Prix Dressage Rider to take the shoes and rugs off her horses, Lucinda  has become one of the country’s leading experts in Natural Horse Management.

Over the last fifteen years her work has extended into the fields of diet, fitness, injuries and rehabilitation as well as behavioral work and we have been with her all the way, designing a saddle especially for her 2003.

Working everyday with between 20- 40 horses and ponies of various breeds, ages and types over this period has given her much experience of the benefits of a more natural lifestyle for the horse in comparison to the more conventional horse management systems that she studied for the previous 30 years.

lucinda-horses-playIn more recent years Lucinda’s research has focused on her home bred horses. Having 3 groups of full brothers and sisters means that she can fully explore the effects of ‘Nature or Nurture’ in relation to health, temperament, performance and longevity for the modern competition horse.

Lucinda Works closely with us and has helped design the Lucinda McAlpine Dressage saddle and bridle range, she has recently started studying in Portugal and turning her hand to Working Equitation . watch this space…..

Here’s some videos with Lucinda, for more videos please go to our youtube channel Saddle Exchange TV



2 comments on “Lucinda McAlpine and a Saddle for a Natural Horsewoman
  1. Hi Lucinda – We met (over the telephone some years ago) when I wanted to attend one of your clinics before you moved….yes, a long time ago!!

    We live in Sotogrande, Spain now and I was wondering if you sell saddles for polo ponies?

    All the best
    Jane 🙂

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