Kate, Jim and a saddle for a Dales Stallion.


Kate and Jim The Dales Stallion

Kate and Jim The Dales Stallion

Kate has a number of Native Ponies, ranging from Shetlands, Jim the Dales stallion and Willum the Highland. Here’s what she has to say about her Seeker.

“When my newly backed dales stallion became agitated and not at all keen to go forward and work it was clear that his saddle was the problem. I wanted to get him a saddle that would change with him from a company that understands native breed.

I contacted  Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions as they have a range of saddles aimed at natives. They brought out a range of saddles to try but it was the Comfort Seeker Working Hunter saddle that suited us best.

Kate and Willum the Highland

Kate and Willum the Highland

It has been perfect for Jim and I he loves the freedom he has to use his shoulders and really work and I love the security it affords me even when we have a few airs above ground! I would highly recommend this saddle as everyone who has sat in it has noticed how comfortable the gel seat is and how you are really connected to the horse”.


It’s always a pleasure to see Kate and her ponies, she now has a Native Pony Glen Working Hunter for Willum and is helping is in the development of our New Shetland Pony pad.

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