Jeanette Croft and Ollie

When we met Jeanette Croft earlier this year she was having a few problems with her feisty Cleveland bay Welsh Cross Ollie who had started to buck alarmingly under saddle. Here’s her wonderful testimonial.

Here’s what Jeanette has to say.

“Hi Gini and Dean,

      sorry its taken me so long to let you know how we’ve gotten on,one of the things I hate about these continental shifts is that one week just roles into the next! I hope all’s well with you guys and that the bad weather didn’t disrupt you too much? Well I guess you’ve probably guessed that no news is good news ,well…… it’s more like absolutely brilliant utterly fantastic I can’t believe the difference news!!!!! the first week I had a lesson where my instructor commented on my position and how I was finally rising with the trot instead of behind it,as you had suspected with my old saddle, Ollie moved freely and was really happy to extend through the shoulder.

I cantered him on the left rein but kept him loose and all was great. Later that week I hired a school and again he was great in fact on this day I got the most balanced left lead canter we have had to date! Unfortunately then came the bad weather and I couldn’t ride for a week or so,but since, we’ve done some jumping,cross country and plenty of field work. 

Unfortunately as I feared the memory of bucking is now in the muscles as I do still get the odd buck on the left rein,however I do believe that it won’t be long before we work that out as they are completely different now, I can tell that they are no longer a painful buck getting worst and worst until I have to pull up,they are now almost redundant (except when he’s really got one on him which will always be purely Ollie,bloody Cleveland bays? lol!!!) Which hand in hand is also improving his mounting,as he was becoming quite fidgety to mount,understandably so!

I love my new saddle and can’t believe I’m riding in a 17″ as it feels so secure no matter what discipline I’m doing. I’m already telling everybody I come across about your saddles, and keep coming across people having troubles whom I know could be helped if they just gave you a call! I’m really keen to look at becoming a representative in my area and would like to know more?  hope to catch you soon,  a very grateful Ollie and me.            

                                                                          Jeanette x  ”



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