Gemma, Izzy and Horseboarding

Gemma and Izzy Competing at Horseboarding in their Comfort Intrepid native Pony Fit.

Gemma and Izzy Competing at Horseboarding in their Comfort Intrepid native Pony Fit.

The last time we visited our customers Gemma Morriss and Izzy the colored Cob we were surprised to find they had taken up Horseboarding, a new sport which looks like great fun.

For more information on Horseboarding please see  

Cant wait to have a go !!


Here’s what Gemma has to say about her Comfort Intrepid that is aparently extremely useful for horseboarding.

“I’d really like to say a massive thank you to Saddle Exchange for my comfort saddle. I’ve had my girly over 10 years now and wish I had found them first; we had 5 years of saddle issues and painful amounts spent on saddle that didn’t fit. Some of them had caused her to buck, refuse to move and have muscle wastage all down one side of her back.

I’m happy those days are over and I can really enjoy riding her, she is much happier and has really excelled in all sports from low level eventing to horseboarding, even the weight of the boarder doesn’t shift this saddle and the cut really allows her to open out and move brilliantly.

It really is the most comfortable multipurpose saddle, I use it for everything and found it really supports my position weather we’re going flat out cross country or doing dressage. I always feel safe and secure and know it won’t slip and together we have really come on well. I recommend them to everyone.”

Gemma Morriss,

Sunny Side- Up Horseboarding Team.


Here’s a video to show you what we mean.

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