Hazel, Bam Bam & a saddle for a High Withered Horse


Hazel & Bam Bam`I had been searching for a new saddle for my event horse for the last year to no avail, as nothing would fit him. I contacted Gini at Saddle Exchange to see if she could assist and she assured me she would be able too.

I tried the Mono flap jump saddle and loved it straight away. I feel as if I am riding bareback in the saddle and my horse is jumping so freely in it. It also makes me as a rider feel much more secure especially in the XC, you almost feel tied in.


Hazel Bailey and Bam BamCompeting in Their Elevation Jumping Sadle“I had trailed it at Somerford Park cross country schooling and also at BE Kelsall Hill ODE this Sunday gone and it was truly AMAZING! I have enclosed some photos. This was our first competitive Novice track (115)  and he did it with ease. 33 dressage, 1 down SJ and clear XC bar one run out which was rider error at a rather large corner (should of gone alternative but he felt amazing so thought I would give it a go) truly the best XC round of our career together and felt so secure and safe.

I would like to say a massive thank you for your help with my saddle.

Very happy customer H”

There’s a great video on our Youtube channel of Hazel Bailey and Bam Bam trying their saddle at Kennaa Equestrian Centre and we also received the following message from Hazel after her first competition in the saddle.

Here’s a view of Somerford Park from Hazel’s Helmet Cam and again a year later still going well at Eland Lodge.

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