Catherine Ellis

Catherine & Smudge jumping in their four Star Jump Saddle <a class=

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I love my Grand Prix Dressage saddle, its so comfortable for me and my horse Prince Maurice. Since acquiring my saddle Maurice has never felt better, he has much more freedom in his lateral work and has qualified for Medium regionals 2 years running diashow kostenlosen deutsch. The gel it is made from as opposed to traditional flocking allows us both to work in great comfort, never leaving us feeling “saddle sore” s├╝tterlinschrift herunterladen! I couldn’t be without it and wouldn’t swap it for any other.

I also have a 4* Jumping saddle which is close contact allowing me to stay close to my sensitive Jumping horse Special K V musik auf mac downloaden. Since using the 4* Jumping saddle ‘Smudge’ has excelled in jumping qualifying for 2nd rounds last year in just 5 shows and winning twice! uber rechnungen herunterladen! Again made from the gel it is extremely comfortable for me and my horse and he can now do flying changes easily, whereas before he would go disunited – not feeling like he had the freedom around the shoulders to change in front itunes match all titles. I wouldn’t swap it for any other, as I love the comfort and security it gives me.
The service I have received from Saddle Exchange is 2nd to none, and I would highly recommend them. Nothing is too much trouble and they will come out and alter your saddle the same day if it needs it without you having to ‘do without’ for weeks at a time like many other saddlers.

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