Caitlin, Flash and a saddle for a Trec Pony

We first met Caitlin when she was looking for a new saddle for Flash. for Trec, like endurance the comfort of pony and rider is paramount. here is her story bilder orchideen kostenlos downloaden.

” I have been a member of the GBR TREC Young Riders Team since I was 16 foto's voor mac. I have competed at five European and World Championships, placing twice as an individual in the top ten. 4th in Paris in 2017 and 7th in Rome in 2018 hörbücher kinder kostenlos downloaden. This season I was the Level 4 League Champion and received an award for the highest placed international rider. I have competed with Flash, a Dales Pony across Europe liebes bilder kostenlos herunterladen. With his increasing fitness and changing shape throughout the years, I have struggled with a saddle that will not only do the 50km distance of the first day, but allow us to comfortably jump up to 1m on the second day aldi talk registrierung app herunterladen. Dean fitted a reactor panel saddle for Flash in 2017 before the Europeans and I wouldn’t look back. The saddle is perfect for long distance riding, and the panels prevent any pressure sores or rubbing for free youtube video. It is the best saddle I have used and would thoroughly recommend Saddle Exchange to riders of all sports.

I took Saddle Exchanges’ comfort elite girth with me to Rome to compete in the World TREC Championships 2018 free games for mobile. The girth is like no other I have ever used. It has the fantastic ability to secure the saddle without having pressure points of tightness underneath herunterladen. The difference I felt when riding in it was unbelievable – it allowed Flash to really open up and extend his stride.  A result I wasn’t expecting from a girth!”


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