Ali, Ellis and Saddles For a Welsh Section D

Ali and Ellis enjoy Endurance and Cross Country

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Hi Gini,
Just wanted to send you a wee note to say how delighted I am with my new cross functional saddle – you got it absolutely spot on spec wise and it has made a massive difference to both Ellis & I’s comfort download all the games. I am finding the deer skin seat so secure for those Welsh moments! & the reverse deerskin, extra padded knee rolls are so so soft and comfortable over longer distances herunterladen.

Ellis & I have had a lot of fun & success this summer from our first competitive 30km Endurance ride, Cross country competitions, a Derby and the reactor panel saddles have been fantastic…. but the best thing has been that I am now able to confidently take my 6 year old daughter out hacking for miles knowing that my saddle will not shift & that I can get off anywhere to help her and get back on again!!
Thankyou so much

kindest regards
Ali McCrickard

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