Alexandra Tolstoy & Saddles for Akhal Teke

Broadcaster & Travel Writer

Aaxandra Tolstoy
Alexandra Tolstoy is an equine adventurer, broadcaster and businesswoman, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She has made several long distance journeys on horses which have provided the material for television documentaries, books and talks.
In 2004, along with her husband, she embarked upon the 2,700 mile journey from Turkmenistan to Moscow, retracing an expedition undertaken by twenty-eight Turkmen riders in 1935, who took 84 days to cover the distance. Riding Akhal-Teke horses, they were stopped from completing the journey by an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, resuming it in 2006 arriving in Moscow in November.

ReactorPanel Saddles, Bridles, Girths Mattes sheepskin numnahs, girth sleeves and seatsavers kept both her and the horses comfortable on their journey.

When not travelling on her own expeditions, Alexandra continues to write, organise riding holidays in Central Asia, work as an interior designer and for BDI, a brand development company assisting European companies to develop their business in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
In 2008, she spent a month filming Horse People with Alexandra Tolstoy, a television series for BBC Television in which she visited five quite different communities working with horses around the world.

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