Pony Saddle Company Tavy General Purpose Saddle

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Tara & Billy, Pony Eventing in their Pony Saddle Company Tavy, sports pony fit.

Tara & Billy, Pony Eventing in their Pony Saddle

The Pony Saddle Company Tavy, general purpose saddle has been designed for all types of general purpose use and provides a secure seat for smaller riders and a pad over the stirrup bar for extra comfort.

We also offer the Tavy without the extra stirrup bar or knee roll padding for a more traditional look. Suitable for General Purpose, Jumping, Hunting, Endurance or Pony Club events,the Tavy General Purpose Saddle comes with a slightly deeper seat and larger knee blocks to give the rider added support, resulting in a secure seat. Available in standard Rich Dark Brown and Black . Seat sizes are 13, 14″, 15″ and 16″, available in all necessary tree shapes, panels and widths however wide or narrow the pony might be. All saddles come with standard four girthing straps to allow all ponies to be accommodated and with wide wool

flocked panels and a wide gullet. With a huge fitting range the Tavy General Purpose Saddle is suitable for all breed’s of ponies with all sizes of riders comfortably accommodated from tiny child riders to small adults.

As with all saddles available from us a custom saddle can be designed for the individual customer if required with a number of options including custom knee blocks, twist, flap length or suede or doeskin seat or knee rolls so we really can produce the perfect saddle for you, we however recommend that you ride in a standard saddle for the 7 day trial before ordering so we can be sure the correct saddle is made as custom saddles are non returnable.

Here’s Tara & Billy using their Tavy for dressage

And show jumping …..

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  1. After trying numerous saddles for my pony which just didn’t fit properly, and having saddlers basically shrug their shoulders and say ‘this is the best fit you’re going to get’ my friend came across the Saddle Exchange website and I decided, somewhat sceptically, to try them as a last attempt, as they advertised their saddles as fitting most ponies.

    With hindsight I wish I had tried them first! They came out, were very friendly, knowledgeable and confident about their products. I ended up buying the first and only one they needed to try on Coco which was a Pony Saddle Company Tavy and this has undoubtedly been the best purchase I have made to date (apart from actually buying my pony Coco, of course!).

    The saddle fitted her excellently, and I have had it for just over 3 years now without having any problems with it. It was so worth the investment. I would definitley recommend this saddle to anyone as a sound investment. It is lovely to ride in and is wearing well and am sure it will be a saddle for the duration of Coco’s ridden life.

    A friend of mine has also bought saddles through the Saddle Exchange and similarly has been very impressed with both the fit, quality and fitting services provided by the company.

    My advice would be to look no further and give the Saddle Exchange a ring!

    (Mine is the little Dun pony in the pictures above) 🙂

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