Elite Endurance Super Grip Reins

£99.95 (Inc. VAT)

Our Elite Super Grip Endurance Reins are perfect for the Endurance or Long Distance Rider.  Co ordinate to match the rest of your tack.



Elite Super Grip Reins

Elite Super Grip Reins

Our Elite Endurance Super Grip Reins are perfect for the rider who doesn’t like excess reins to deal with while riding mi fit app downloaden.

The problem with shorter reins, though, is that when your horse bends down to drink from a bucket or stream, your arms suddenly become too short family sharing apps. Well, we have solved that problem by adding a 24inch tail to the center of our reins. Your arms instantly become 2 feet longer.

Great Grip in the Rain, Snow or whatever you have to deal with weather wise, thanks for the feedback  Sally Toye the sims 4 downloaden. Who once rode through a blizzard using them.

Just like soft feel reins, soft and flexible so you can feel your horse and helps gain that desireable, elastic contact  between you and your horse which aids communication anno 1602 full version free chip.

You will also see and feel the difference in the quality of the grip, unlike the old kind that would melt in your hands after only a year.


The Beta is soft and pliable giving the feel and appearance of soft, worn in leather but with none of the maintenance requirements disney plus herunterladen auf tv.

  •  Rinses clean easily
  • Will not mold or mildew
  • Will not dry out or crack

Here’s a video where British Endurance Team member David Yeoman Talks about his Comfort Elite Bridle, Breastplate and Reins set intro kostenlos downloaden.

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