Placing an Order or Booking a Saddle Fit.

For Accessory Orders We can take payment in either British Pounds Sterling or Euros. However web ordering only works in the UK at present, so if you would like to order from outside the UK please call the office for a shipping quote and to arrange for payment. For Saddle orders we offer a fitting service where ever you are . Feel free to give either us or your local agent a call to discuss your requirements we can also answer enquiries via email or text, we have a lot of experience fitting most breeds of horses and ponies and riders in every discipline. We also have a lot of experience in fitting both horses and riders with disabilities, please see our information page Choosing The Right Saddle, Trials  & Customisation. Please take photographs of your horse from each side, without a saddle on standing square, also a view over the rump towards the shoulder showing the rib cage and withers. Our Video “What photos do I need to send for my saddle fit?” can help you furthur.

saddle fitting pictures

Before we see you we will need the following photos, This allows us to come with saddles suitable for yourself & the horse, if you can be in the picture yourself that is even better.

We also need to know the following information: Which models of saddles you would like to see? What size seat do you need? Which colour, most come in either very dark brown or black. If you fax, post or email the information to us we can come out with the saddles you wish to see that will fit your horse. We are also happy to take special orders if you want something different from our standard range, however custom orders require a non refundable deposit of £400.00 for a traditional saddle and £600.00 for a ReactorPanel®. Our agent will charge a callout fee to cover their time and traveling so there is no obligation for you to buy a saddle or for them to feel they need to sell you one. All our saddles come with a trial period to make sure you have made the right decision.

Here’s a video with Mathew Lawrence showing you what to Expect at One Of our Saddle Fits.

7 comments on “Placing an Order or Booking a Saddle Fit.
  1. janet teodori says:

    I have a new horse in Jacksonville Florida who will be coming to Tucson Arizona. Is there a way he can be fitted for a reactor panel saddle soon in one of those locations?
    Thank you

  2. Eva Nielsen Due says:

    I would like to ask you when you come to Denmark again?
    You visit me in 2012 in Tune.
    My horse needs to have a saddle fit again. It is a reactor Panel saddle. I tried to get in contact with Sandie from Healthy Horse but there is not any response.
    Best regards from
    Eva Nielsen Due
    Grevevej 31
    2670 Greve

  3. Lesley Dennett says:

    Hi I spoke to you yesterday 30/5 and you told me you would be doing saddle fittings on your way up to the Highland Show and would be able to contact me with a date after you had had a chance to organise all the people you need to see.

    My postcode is CH61 1AT (my stables are 5 mins away) which is on the Wirral 20 miles north of Chester and on the southern side of the Mersey from Liverpool.

    My horse is a 15:2 h.h. lusitano gelding. I need a wide flat tree to accommodate his back but a narrow twist to accommodate the pain I have been experiencing in my legs for the past three years. (I have this pain all the time but it is made worse by riding my horse – friend’s narrower horses I can ride with no trouble)

    I have taken time to look at all your saddles and although the reactor panels appeal to me I can’t afford that price range at the moment. I still like the look of the Grand Prix dressage saddle – I like it’s simple elegant lines. My instructor advises that I have small adjustable knee blocks that I can move on a ‘bad day’. I would normally ride in a 17 1/2 and would like it in black please. I am 5’2″ and weigh 8st 10lb

    I think I can do any of the dates you suggested but if it could be from 4pm onwards if possible it would save me from taking time off work. But if you need to fit me in earlier I can always ask!

    Not brilliant on the computer but will take some photos of my horse and try to email them to you tomorrow evening.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Lesley

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Lesley, yes I remember our phone call, I’m booking for that area at present so if you could give me a quick call on 01278734524 when it’s convenient I can book you in. (:

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