Guarantees & Trial Periods

For all our saddles we offer a trial period, even if they are second hand. We like to provide you with a saddle on the day, no one contacts us because they need a saddle in 4 to 6 weeks, most contact us as they have a saddle which does not fit or they do not have a saddle to ride in hence they need one asap.

If you choose a saddle you would like to buy the  saddle is paid in full, you can then commence your saddle trial. Sometimes what you buy on the day is not the saddle you ultimately keep.

Our traditional brands have a 14 day trial period and ReactorPanel 4 weeks ( subject to a £25 a week saddle hire charge) and can be extended by prior arrangement but for extended trials their could be a discretionary charge for cleaning and repair where appropriate. We would like  you to ride in the saddle as much as possible and make sure it is what you need, then let us know within the trial period if you would like something special made, this gives us time to have the saddle made and return to you, free of charge with the perfect saddle on our next trip to the area which is usually within one month.

Please see our information page Choosing the right saddle, alternatively it can be returned to us for a refund which we will issue to you as soon as we can once the saddle is returned to us or our agent, please see our terms and conditions for details.

All Saddle Exchange new saddles carry a comprehensive warranty against defective workmanship and materials, subject to fair wear and tear and/ or abuse or neglect, subject to terms and conditions.

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, replacement or repair will be carried out free of charge, on proof of purchase and acceptance or examination by a member of Saddle Exchange.

Any repairs or alterations carried out by third parties and not authorised will automatically cancel this warranty.

Saddle: 1-year warranty against defective workmanship and materials.
Saddle Tree: 1-year warranty under normal riding conditions.

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