Czech Republic

Veronika Kratochvilova- Saddle Fitter Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Veronika is our contact for the Czech Republic and is now Accreditd for ReactrPanel Saddles and now well on her way to becoming accredited by us for the fitting of our traditional saddles. However at present will be coordinating our visits to the Czech Republic,  please contact her directly if you would like to try one of our saddles and she will be happy to co-ordinate our next visit , she also works closely with Romana Hajkova who is also a C0-Ordinator for visits to her yard.

Veronika says

“I have always wanted to help horses… with the Equine touch which I discovered three years ago and now ¬†with opportunity to find the saddle that fits the horse and rider… with no need to compromise comfort of either.”

Phone: +420 603 400 127

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