Northern Ireland

Tasha Anderson


Northern Ireland

Tasha AndersonTasha has 2 Endurance Exmoor Ponies who are part of the Irish Home International and Celtic Challenge teams. Both are Gold Qualified – the highest award achieved by this breed in Endurance – and both have Saddle Exchange Pony Saddle Company Tor saddles. Tasha is delighted with her saddles ? describing them as the most comfortable and stable saddles she has ever ridden in (which is important when you are doing a 50 mile ride on a small bouncy pony!).  As well as being ideal for endurance, Tasha’s saddles are also used for showing and jumping. Having a saddle which can be used for anything is very important to Tasha as she likes to try out different disciplines with her ponies.

Phone: 07738 428359
Mobile: 07751 232227

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