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Welcome to New England Saddlefit, our Retail Partners for new England and are now accredited for fitting  Comfort,Comfort Elite Saddle , the Native Pony Saddle Company and Pony Saddle Company . Please contact her directly if you would like to try one of our saddles.

 A child who fell in love with horses, it wasn’t until she was in her late 40s that Lise Kreiger  got her own horse. Dudley, a beautiful Canadian Horse, came into her life and with him came everything horses. Since then, she has immersed herself in lessons, clinics, and adventures to listen, observe, and learn everything she can about horses with openness and curiosity. 

     This desire to learn led her to sign up for Mike Scott’s (The Saddle Guy) saddle fitting course where she attended classroom sessions, completed case studies, observed other saddle fitters in the field, volunteered at non-profit organizations, and completed independent coursework, ultimately graduating from US School of Saddle Fitting and Flocking. 

She has  also attended continuing education classes with the British Society of Master Saddlers, with whom she is working to further her experience and certification.  She has also undertaken  shadowing and training with  Gini and Dean Woodward of Saddle Exchange UK  learning about their products and fitting procedures.  

Working on horses of all breeds, disciplines, and levels, from lesson horses and horses at therapeutic riding centers to  competitive dressage, hunter/jumper, and eventing horses. She’s fit endurance horses, pleasure horses, both Western and English. Working with each horse and rider, whether to check and tweak an existing saddle or to find a new saddle, has allowed her to gain experience with a wide range of saddle fitting situations. In addition to working directly with horses, she strip flocks saddles, replaces billets, and does other minor saddle repair work.

      Lise’s saddle fitting philosophy has evolved into one where she approaches each horse, rider, and saddle as a puzzle to be solved, looking for obvious answers to the “problem” as well as looking outside of the box. She will work with you to enhance your horse’s comfort and performance level, as well as yours.

     In addition to Dudley, Lise’s own stable includes a lovely Canadian mare MaeMae, and three Miniature Horses Belle, Monkey, and Nickers. Plus, two dogs, Addie and Scout, keep us company on our adventures.


Lise Krieger

New England Saddle Fit, LLC


Address: Whately, MA 01093

Phone: 203-685-2308

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