Carola Grauers


Carola GrauersCarola Grauers Certified Practitioner and Instructor of Equine Touch herunterladen? and VHT (Vibro Muscular Harmonization Technique).

After working with various things including dental assistant, secretary, translator, I started to feel that my hands had a special heat / power. Spontaneously, I decided to educate myself to the masseur -95/-96 and then worked alongside translations and massage. The massage took over more and more, and in 2001 it became my full-time employment. I also gave courses in “massage school” kostenlose spiele für mädchen herunterladen.

Eventually I found that massage was limited and also quite demanding on my own body and I began to look for other forms of therapy. After a lot of searching, I happened upon Bowen technique and immediately fell for this special and powerful body therapy. I was finished with training in Dec 2002nd

In March 2003, I went after a 4-day, intensive course in VHT (Vibro Muscular Harmonization Technique) for Jock and Ivana Ruddock and it was for me to find homes. Since I have ridden and kept on with horses most of my life, it was natural to also educate me in Equine Touch wohngeld formular herunterladen.

Phone: 0411-850 20
Email: carola@equinetouch.se
Website: www.kroppsbruket.se

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