Buffy Lacey MSFC

Accredited Specialist Saddle Fitter for The Highland Of Scotland


buffy and vanBuffy is a fully qualified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant, Treasurer of the MSFC Society and together with Gini is part of the CPD working group organising and providing CPD for all qualified MSFC Saddle Fitters.

As our Saddle Exchange Accredited Agent  for Scottish Highland and Islands,  Buffy covers Argyll and Bute and also the Islands of Orkney and Mull . You may have met her on the stand at the Royal Highland Show.

Buffy’s background is in teaching and coaching and is a qualified BHSAI. She also trained as a Riding Therapist with the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy and teaches children with additional support needs at the local High School. In 1997 she founded the Oban and Lorn RDA group and still instructs with the group.

image“My interest in saddle fitting started over 25 years ago when I struggled to find a saddle to fit both me and my horse. I could find no clear career path to become a saddle fitter but I have always been aware of the importance of a well fitting saddle. It was a real joy to meet Dean and Gini and discover the huge range of Saddle Exchange saddles and enjoy their training and guidance. I was immediately impressed at how well the saddles fit the horses and that Saddle Exchange fitters make a long term commitment to finding the right saddle solution for both horse and rider.

I look forward to helping horses and riders all over Scotland find an answer to their saddle fitting needs.”

Buffy also makes and repairs bridle and leatherwork for more information please contact her and for more information please see her website

Phone: 01852 300770
Mobile: 07771 918430

3 comments on “Buffy Lacey MSFC
  1. Hazel Haley says:

    Hi Buffy I had a lesson on my Highland pony today and ended up hanging off him when the saddle slipped all the way round. I had the gullet checked at the beginning of the year but feel he needs something which suits his breed better. I also wondered if you sold second hand as well as new saddles. Will you be at Blair Castle Horse Trials. Hazel

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Hazel,that sounds awful, Buffy and I will be at Blair all 4 days we are on stand 90 around the main ring, please come and see us and yes we do have a couple of second hand saddles at the moment. please feel free to give Buffy a call on her mobile if you wish which is 07771918430 she will be leaving for Blair on wednesday morning I think.

    • Buffy Lacey says:

      Hi Hazel
      I’m now back from Blair in sunny Oban! Sorry for not replying earlier but we had absolutely no internet at Blair. Did you see our stand? Please call me on my mobile 07771 918430 or email to discuss saddles and what you need then we can sort out a date. Thanks for contacting us and I look forward to speaking to you. Best wishes. Buffy

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