Our International Saddle Fitters and Retail Partners

2 comments on “Our International Saddle Fitters and Retail Partners
  1. Hannah Freeman says:

    I live in Bulgaria and there is no such thing as a saddler here. I worry a lot about my own horses saddles and their fit. I do have some knowledge (from many years as a groom) of the basics of saddle fitting but realize the importance of getting it right.
    I do have an online equine related business but not sure if I could combine it with something ‘saddle fitting related’ .
    Although I am looking for other equine products to offer my clients.
    I am open to your suggestions….

    • Gini Woodward says:

      Hi Hannah, please accept my apologies for the very late reply as the notification of your post went to my spam folder by mistake, if you are still interested please email me directly at Gini@saddleexchange.com and we can discuss further (:

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