Our Local Saddle Fitting Team

The Fitting SpecialistsWe are proud to introduce our highly trained team of Saddle Fitting Specialists

Do not accept anyone else who claims to fit our saddles, Accredited agents undertake a long apprenticeship and ongoing training in order to attain the required standard of fitting. As with anything related to horses saddle fitting is also an ongoing learning process and we are all constantly learning, evolving and sharing best practice.

Only Saddle Exchange Accredited Fitters are approved by us to fit our products


2 comments on “Our Local Saddle Fitting Team
  1. Angela agar says:

    hi we have had four saddle fitters out for our 13hand very broad and flat backed cob no one has been able to help us with a saddle. I had a treeless but was told that had caused him back pain. Now I have no saddle and no prospect of finding any thing to fit. Can u assist. He is based near emsworth West Sussex thank angel

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