The Pony Saddle Company History

The Pony Saddle CompanyA quick history of The Pony Saddle Company By 2010 it was evident that there was a need in the market for an alternative to the Native Pony Saddle Company Saddles when it came to fitting the rounder, wider, flatter equines. The new saddles incorporate flexibility, comfort and a more modern look based on the same well fitting trees as Native Pony. The Comfort Range filled a niche for the competition/riding horse however after fitting moreĀ  customers who required a softer, more supportive seat and customers who wanted an “all round saddle” rather than specific showing and a jumping saddle another style of saddle was needed. Dean believed that ” if it isn’t broke don’t fix it ” and The Native Pony Saddle Company Saddles were great as they were and were well loved by the customers and therefore after consultation again with Steve the saddle maker who’s saddle designs the Original Native Pony Saddles were based on Dean purchased his brand name “The Pony Saddle Company” and set about designing the new range in order to give customers a choice, after 8 months in the trial stages and after a number of proto – types the first of these saddles became available spring 2011 and seem to be as popular as the original saddles. Like our other brandsĀ due to their innovative trees, wide gullets and generous load bearing panels with shorter gussets, flocked in a unique way they do not roll, they do not move up the neck and the ponies and cobs love them, they also seem to now be a particular favourite with our riders.

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