History of the Native Pony Saddle Company

The Original Native Pony Saddle Company LogoA Brief History of The Native Pony Saddle Company

A Saddle Brand first Designed By Dean Woodward in 2002.

In the late 90′s Dean Woodward was breeding Welsh Cobs and fitting second hand saddles he picked up from tack shops, customers and auctions . Unfortunately he found that very few actually fitted to his satisfaction.

In early 2000 Hayley Hyde Andrews asked her saddle maker who had his own brand “the Pony Saddle Company” if he minded if she market a brand called “The Native Pony Saddle Company” . He agreed to this and The Native Pony Saddle Company was born with Hayley selling saddles based on her saddle makers designs mainly mail order.

An early Native Pony Mountain & Moorland pre 2009, this model has a gel panel.

An early Native Pony Mountain & Moorland pre 2009, this model has a gel panel.

Meanwhile Dean had been looking at why the saddles he had would not fit his and his customers horses. He had been working with a number of manufacturers to design a new saddle which fitted to his satisfaction and perfecting his unique way of fitting them .

Then in 2002, after purchasing the brand name “The Native Pony Saddle Company” from Hayley he had the perfect name for these new specialised saddles .

Over the next few years with the help of the original saddle maker who still works with us today, Dean refined the designs based on his experience fitting the saddles all over the country and the input of his customers.

A Native Pony Saddle Company Mountain & Moorland Saddle made post 2007.

A Native Pony Saddle Company Mountain & Moorland Saddle made post 2007.

“The Native Pony Saddle Company ” brand went from strength to strength as nothing seemed to fit as well, Due to their innovative trees, wide gullets, specialised girthing and generous load bearing panels with shorter gussets, flocked in a unique way.

They do not roll, they do not move up the neck and the ponies and cobs love them.

We still provide the Original Native Pony Saddle Company Branded products. All our designs are true to tradition, changes to the designs being made with the introduction of The Pony

Saddle Company range.

All our Native Pony Saddle Company Saddles Look The Same, Fit The Same, Feel The Same, Are Made to The Same High Standard By Our Original Manufacturers .

Over the years there have been a number of companies who have “inspired” by  our saddles and come up with their own “Native Pony Saddles” The original saddles, which were initially developed in 2002 were successful because of a combination of panel design, flocking style, girthing style and a high level of understanding with regards to the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of horses and ponies. Together with over twenty years of experience in the industry.

native pony saddlesGenuine Native Pony saddles will have our trademark stamped on the flap and have agreen nailhead with the pony head on it, they will usually also be recorded on our database.

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